Identifying your Gipsy

Ok so you've found a Gipsy and you may be wondering. What year was it built? What model is it? What engine did it come with? Was it built for Civilian or Government use? There's lots of possibilities, and this page will hopefully help you answer some of them. Here you will find pictures identifying special features and options, and lists showing the breakdown of serial numbers so you can figure out the year and model of your Gipsy

Serial number ID  These pictures show you where to find serial numbers and what they mean.





  AFS Gipsys never had 2 tones or loudspeakers or hand operated spotlights.    The police mobile column ones often had a speaker but normally on the front grill    radio equipped examples normally had their aerials roof mounted over the front slope of the cab hard top, with a second one if fitted near the air vent . 

Here are statistics from the 1997 Measham Auction where 96 Austin Gipsy's were sold. (Special thank you to Michael Mason)

Gipsy ID pictures & charts/measham sale 1997.pdf