Gipsy engine parts

The list below shows the engine parts that I have found to be interchangeable with the Gipsy 2.2L Petrol engine and the Healey 100-4 2.6 petrol engine.

Austin Gipsy engine parts

As you may already know, the Austin Gipsy 2.2 petrol engine is (mostly) the same as the Austin Healey 100-4 engine, and with the Austin Healey being so popular this makes getting parts for your Gipsy much easier! Below I will list the engine parts and their respective original BMC part number. These are parts that I have used myself and found them to work


Part description Gipsy part number Healey part number    
Cylinder head gasket / Not interchangable click here for photos
of Healey 100-4 gasket and original Gipsy head gasket.
11B321 1B1708 (Water jacket holes don't line up)    
Cylinder head 58G413 1B2290    
Valve guides  INTAKE / EXHAUST 1B1807 / 1B1808 1B1807 / 1B1808    
Valves  INTAKE / EXHAUST / Intake not interchangeable 1B1805 / 1B1806 1B1820 / 1B1806    
Valve seals / Best to use Ford small block positive seals SAME      
Valve springs / Not interchangeable 1B2814 6K 87    
Rocker shaft 1B1382 1B1382    
Rocker with bush 11B510 1D1794    
Rocker bush 11B511 1B1490    
Push rods 1B2331 1B2331    
Tappet 1B1354 1B1354    
Camshaft 1B1573 1B1573    
Camshaft sprocket B3 65 B3 65    
Crankshaft 11B345 11B345    
Crankshaft gear 11B231 11B231    
Timing chain 2H4286 2H4286    
Main bearings  (standard oversize as needed) 8G 2058 8G2058    
Thrust washer UPPER / LOWER (standard size) 1D943 / 1D1056 1D943 / 1D1056    
Rod (big end) bearings (standard) 8G2051 8G2051    
Engine gaskets        
Bottom end gasket set
(Front crank seal is thicker on the Healey but is same ID/OD
and can be sliced to fit the thickness.)
Same Same    
Core plug / Frost plug set Same Same

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