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Looking for the rubber seal that goes around the glass in your WINDSCREEN FRAME? I searched every source on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and then all over the internet trying to find something that would fit properly. The only source that I found is SCOTTS OLD AUTO RUBBER in AUSTRALIA here is the link to the page http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/AUSTIN%20GYPSY.htm  it is part number 218.011. It fits perfectly and is almost identical to the original rubber. Their main page is at  http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/catalogue.htm You need approx 2.2 meters per glass section.



Here are some pictures of the wing piping  that Ian Costar used on his Gipsy, it's available from scotts old auto rubber. The dimensions are 20mm across the top and 30mm deep, part #241.005 . He also used the bonnet bump stops part #232.023 and the straight leg universal bonnet catches part #358.010. These parts available from Scotts old auto rubber http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/catalogue.htm


Ian also sent these pictures, part numbers and links for the side window seals and channel.

 He wrote...

I have been scouring for some replacement door seals and have found a company called COH Baines ( http://www.coh-baines.co.uk/) in Kent who sell rubber moulding and extrusions, I have purchased (IRS0032) which is ideal for the outer glass seal and (IRS1126) which works as a leading edge seal for the top section although it isn't the same as the original. the inner glass flock channel came from Albert Jagger Ltd (http://www.albert-jagger.co.uk/) although this would probably be available from good motor factors.


Baines also stock some sections which would suit the front wing seams (smaller than the type I have fitted from Scotts old Auto rubber).



The following part numbers are what I have found for my Series 2 swb flexitor Gipsy 
and numbers given to me courtesy Wyatt Mehrer

DESCRIPTION                    MANUFACTURER            PART #

Master cylinder kit                PBR                                       K7176X 
Clutch cylinder kit                 PBR                                       K7207X 
Wheel cylinder kit                Girling                                     SP 2018/1 
                                            BMC                                     8G 7076 


Here are the Zenith part numbers for older style Zenith carbs with the diaphragm on top.


GP10 Gasket pack 

016822 Insulating gasket

B17329 Diaphragm kit



Distributor cap                     Prestolite                                 3-15L 
Ignition points                      Blue Streak                              LU-1617XP 
Condenser                           Blue Streak                              LU-206 

Oil filter                                Purolator                                  MF-52A 
                                            Fram                                        C-870PL or CH-820PL 

Front outer hub seals             National                                 451948      dimensions: 2.062" x 2.875" x .437" 
Front inner hub seals             CR                                         23440      dimensions: 60mm x 80mm x8mm 
Rear inner and outer seals are the same as front on flexitor suspension

Front inner and outer 
wheel bearings                    BCA / Timken                          BR5 or A5 or Set5 
Rear inner and outer bearings are the same as front on flexitor suspension 

Differential side bearing seals    CR                                      12458 

Axle Universal joints                      Precision                      369 
 Prop Shaft Universal joints            Moog                           344


Pistons                                Hepolite                                  REF 15618 (.030" oversize)

Rod Bearings                      Vandervell                               VP 236   Labled "Suitable for Austin-Healey, Morris"

Thrust Bearings                   Glacier                                     W 2015S std.   Labled "Austin, etc."


Main Gearbox

First motion shaft bearing    NSK                                      6309NR

First motion shaft seal           National                                 473211

Jerry Parkhill sent me these interchangeable part numbers for the following applications

Series 1 and 2 Flexitor suspension.
Hub outer = National 451948
Hub inner = National 226020,  CR 23440
Diff Pinion ==CR 15230
Diff stub axle==CR 12458
Trans output==CR 16072
Front Brake cylinder Kit =  SP2056
Rear Brake cylinder Kit =  SP2018
Brake Master cylinder Kit =SP1967
Clutch Master cylinder Kit =SP1963
Clutch slave cylinder  Kit =SP2017
Kit numbers are Girling. These kits are used on many British makes. 'Austin
Westminster' and 'Austin Healy 100' show up on all kit listings mentioned.