G3M10 Austin Gipsy?

Gipsy G3M10

They never made one and I’m not sure why. Austin Built the G1 the G2 and the G4 model but skipped over the G3 if you know why please leave a comment below. That leads me to the reason for this post, I have been working on a Gipsy made from parts that I have on hand. (I have lots of G4 leaf sprung parts but no G4 body and a really nice G2 body and hard top but not enough flexitor parts to complete a restoration). Living on an Island on the west coast of British Columbia makes it really hard to find Gipsy parts of any sort. You can’t just go to the local Canadian Tire and find them on the shelf.

Let’s build one!

So it turns out I’m building the Gipsy they never made (I’m likely not the first to do it) the G3M10… at least that’s what I have started calling it. They made a lot of changes between the G2 and the G4 so it has taken some fabrication work to get the the point that I am at. And I’m sure it will take some more creative thinking along the way. I am going to use all original Gipsy parts so what I will have is a G2M10 body and a G4M10 leaf sprung chassis the best of both worlds. 

Where to find parts.

People ask me the best sources for parts. I have used Gipsy spares, Moss Motors, eBay, AH Spares and Bearings Canada. Check my parts page here https://austingipsy.net/parts-sources/ I have posted parts that I have used and will be adding more as I find them. I will post a few pictures that I have taken along the way.

This project should be an interesting one

Photos I’ve taken along the way.

From start to the current stage in my progress. The back of the G4 chassis looked good until I started removing the rusty bits. I discovered that rust had eaten away at every seam and joint of the rear bumper and into the chassis tubes. I rebuilt the rear section using parts from a G2 flexi chassis that way the G2 body would bolt up in the original mounting points. And was happy to find that under the skim coat of fiberglass nothing scary was lurking in the door sills.

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