G4M10 & M15 Gipsys

The G4M10 and G4M15 Gipsies were built from 1964 to 1968 and were offered in either the independent Flexitor suspension or leaf spring suspension with solid axles. They are easily identified by the vents in front of the side doors on the front wing and mesh grille which is also rounded on the bottom.

1968 G4M15 / Owner: Lars Hangaas / Location / Denmark

1967 G4M10 / Owner: Bjarne Risvig / Currently under restoration / Location: Denmark


1965 G4M10 / Owner:

1964 G4M15 / Owner: Ralph Mundel / Location Germany

1966 G4M15 / Owner: Alan Bosley / Location UK
  Alan’s Gipsy (Jennifer Gipsy with Davey the Tractor)
After being off the road for 12 years for a complete rebuild Alan’s Gipsy is now regularily used.
It is also included in the Story “Waking up Davey” and “Davey to the Resue”   Details of Alans books can be found on his website http://www.tractorstories4children.co.uk/

1966 G4M15 / Owner: Guy Houten / Location: Netherlands
Interesting story along with this Gipsy, it was used as a shuttle vehicle at the Heathrow airport and the Beatles rode in
them regularily.

 Beatles departing Heathrow Airport

1966 G4M15 / Owner: Guido Schmid / Location: Switzerland

1966 G4M15 / Owner: Emilio Arango Teran / Location: Columbia South America

1964 G4M10 / Owner: Frank Charleson / Location: Shetland

1966 G4M10 / Owner: Kyle Verschuren / Location: Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

1966 G4M10 / Owner: Stamatis Stogiannos / Location: Evia Island, Greece

1968 G4M10&M15 / Owner: Shayle & Sharee Casey / Location: New Zealand

1967 G4M10 / Owner: Derek Mason / Location: England

1967 G4M10 / Owner: Thomas Colla / Location: Denmark

1964 G4M10 / Owner: Nigel Davis / Location: Clacton England

1967 G4M15 / Owner: Dimitrakopoulos Panagiotis / Location: Greece