Gipsy Destruction testing in Scotland


Gipsy cross country destruction test. 

The following photos below were sent to me by Derek Clayton. His father John Clayton (wearing white shirt and tie) worked for Austin at Longbridge for approximately 25 years. John worked on research and development for Austin and as part of that team he was sent to Scotland with a Gipsy to test it cross country and see how it would fair. 



Ullapool Harbour-start of the cross country test. The crew study the Ordinanace Survey Map of the section ahead, that between Ullapoo and Lairg, a distance of 20 miles which to no less than 10 long hours to complete.


The Gipsy took rivers in it’s stride, never once showing any tendency to stall. This river near Loch Achall in Ross and Cromarty was between 12 and 18 inches deep.


On this occasion, north-east of Lairg, the limited width of the track forced the Gipsy to sink it’s nearside wheels in the soft and very dangerous turf, beneath which lay peat up to a depth of 20 feet. Use of the front winch and the “borrowed” anchor were sufficient to extricate the vehicle.

John Clayton engaging the pto winch. JOURNEYS END

Gipsy and crew near John O’Groats with the trawler’s anchor which, on more than one occasion saved the vehicle from becoming totally bogged down.