How to identify your Gipsy

A common question that people ask is what year and model is my Gipsy? This page should help you to figure out what year your Gipsy was made, what model it is and what options it came with.

The Images below are copyright the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.


In 1958 the first Gipsys were the G1M10 model and they all came with the flexitor four wheel independent suspension. The most noticeable detail is the absence of exterior door handles, in about mid 1959 they started adding door handles or at least they became an option. The other features that are noticeable on the G1M10 is the smaller crescent shaped front badge and smaller windscreen vent. In the engine bay you will notice the exhaust manifold exits horizontally through the inner wing. The vin numbers were assigned as they were built starting with 100 the G1M10 model end somewhere between #5500 and #5700. (if you have more accurate numbers please let me know)

By 1960 the new G2M10 model was introduced as well as a G2M15 with a longer wheel base,  they were also equipped with the flexitor independent suspension, with the addition of leaf springs on the rear of the G2M15 model. The G2 addressed issues with steering and suspension along with some changes to the body. The G2 came with exterior door handles a larger windscreen vent and larger Austin front Badge, the exhaust manifold now exited straight down instead of horizontally through the inner wing as on the G1 model.   G2 vin numbers start at around 5700 when identifying a Gipsy near those numbers it’s best to make the choice based on the differences I’ve mentioned. 

In 1963 the Gipsy was updated again, designated G4M10 & G4M15, starting at around vin#11000. A solid axle leaf sprung model was now available along with the flexitor models. They recieved an updated front grille, the horizontal slats replaced by a mesh screen and a forward hump shaped extension of the grille at the bottom. There were many more features added as you will see in the photos below. 

G1M10 Gipsy / click photo for gallery view.

G2M10 and G2M15 / click photo for gallery view.

G4M10 and G4M15 / click photo for gallery