More updates to the Gipsy site!

The new Gipsy site is still evolving, I have transferred all of the Gipsy photos to the new website so the link to the old site has been removed. I am adding new information every day (so check back often) and my goal now is to make the Gipsy site more focused on restoration and maintenance of the Gipsy by adding spec sheets, original brochures, restoration photos, road tests and other related information. Special thanks to Michael Aikey for sharing scans from his collection of brochures and magazine articles. The Austin Gipsy has literally been built by enthusiasts around the world who have donated photos and information over the years. I am always interested in adding more information to the site as well as history so if you have any photos or stories to share please get in touch with me here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Glenn Kemp

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