my Gipsy hard tops

Recently I’ve been working on the pick up cab for my G2M10 and the full hard top for my G3 project.

With summer weather on Vancouver Island the temperatures have been warm enough for bodywork (I don’t have a heated shop). So I have been working on the fiberglass pickup cab for my G2M10 and the full fiberglass top for my “G3M10” project. (as most reading this will know, Austin never made a G3 Gipsy but I have dubbed mine the G3 because it’s being built out of G2 and G4 parts) The G2 hard top was in tough shape, the original gel coat was bubbling underneath two layers of paint so I had to strip it all off. By the time I finished I had a surface that looked like waves on the ocean. I used fiberglass to repair cracks and Rage gold body filler to fill the low spots. Block sanded by hand and then used a high build primer to finish. It’s getting ready paint!

Below is the hard top for the G3, I have been working on improving it structurally. The early hard tops were actually pretty flimsy, later versions were much thicker and had better reinforcements where needed. Check below for the video on this subject.

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