Gipsy 2.2 petrol and Healey 100-4 Head gasket photos

There has been some debate on wether or not the Healey 100-4 head gasket will work on the Gipsy 2.2 petrol engine. Some people say they have used the Healey gasket and it worked on their Gipsy. I tried 2 different Healey head gaskets from 2 different suppliers and neither lined up properly. It's expected that the fire ring on the Healey gasket will be larger because of the larger cylinder bore size. Then you would expect all of the oil and water holes to line up on the block because "the Healey 2.6 and the Gipsy 2.2 petrol blocks are the same". I've been told they are the same block by many people over the years and Healey restorers even use the Gipsy engine when they can't find a good 2.6. A lot of parts are even interchangeable. But below you will see at least in the case of my Gipsy 2.2, the water jacket holes don't line up properly. They may seal, but there isn't much contact along the outside edge of the block.

Here are photos of a Healey head gasket laying on top of an original Gipsy head gasket.

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Photos of my used Gipsy head gasket laying on top of a new original Gipsy head gasket.


Photos of the Healey gasket on the Gipsy block notice how the water jacket holes are off center towards the right side of the block, this is the part that I don't understand because I've been told the blocks are the same.

And here are photos of the Gipsy head gasket on the Gipsy block, all of the holes line up perfect. I purchased this head gasket at Gipsy Spares.


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