Restoration and rebuilding

Here’s all sorts of photos and videos on rebuilding and restoring components

In my restorations my aim isn’t for a perfect show car, it’s to make the vehicle as new again and useable. I like to be able to use my vehicles afterward and if they were perfect I’d probably just trailer them back and forth to car shows instead of using them for their intended purpose. Auto restorers do amazing work but it’s easy to over restore a utility vehicle because they weren’t perfect even when new. They were built by hand and had waves in the panels and all the spot welds were visible as well as hand welded seems. 

I’ll post everything that I’ve learned along the way in order to help with your Gipsy rebuild or repair. It’s not meant to be an instructional guide or to tell you the way to do the work, it’s just a demonstration of what I have done and how I did it.

Where to start? Considering a a frame off restoration? Here’s a video with some suggested tips to get started.