Restoration and rebuilding

On this page I will post photos of original and restored parts of the Austin Gipsy. To aid people in restoring or duplicating original pieces of there Gipsy.

Here are some photos of original side window rubber and channel. There isn’t any in the aftermarket but some people have had it custom made or just found similar rubber.

Below are close up photos of an original canvas top frame/hoops. The tape measure in the photos is for reference to height etc. You can right click on the images to download.

If you need any help or more information, feel free to contact me. 

Gipsy restoration Videos

Where to start? Considering a frame off restoration? Here’s a video with some suggested tips to get started.

Here’s some quick tips on carb rebuilding.

Fix that Lucas horn.

Here is a video of the first restoration of my G2M10

Below is a video of Raul Rodriguez 1962 G2M15 restoration.

Gipsy restoration photos

Wim Stokkentreeffs beautiful G1M10 restoration.