Gipsy Fire Trucks

   Jim Fraser pictured in the far left

This picture was taken after the massive east works fire in 1964, the fireman on the left side is Leading Fireman Joe Boden.  

This photo was sent to me by Eira Woodward, she wrote: “ My husband Brian Woodward was an industrial fireman first at Morris Motors and then a subsiduary company Unipart. He absolutely adored his job and his Austin Gipsy fire tender in particular. He and his colleagues called it Noah for some reason!!!”

“the picture is from the retirement of my husbands boss – I think probably mid 1970s. My husband is the cheeky one with the beard 2nd on the left!”
Eira’s husband has now passed and she is interested in what has become of this Fire Engine, if you have any information you can contact her via email 

1964 G4M10, ex Cornwall fire brigade, Bodmin station  / Owner: Alan Dunderdale / Location: Bedale North Yorkshire

1959 G1M10, ex Cornwall fire service / Owner: Bob Foster / Location: Cheshire UK

 Under restoration

 Parts vehicle 

1966 G4M15 / Owner: Grenville Pow / Location: Newport, South Wales UK

Gipsy club Switzerland

1964 G4M15 / Owner: Juan Carlos Corinado / Location: Switzerland

1962 G2M10 / Owner: Strathclyde fire and rescue preservation group / Location: