Parts sources

Another question people ask is where can I find parts? This page will be changing regularly, I have added the information that I have on the old Gipsy site and will be adding more parts sources that I have used myself. The only parts source that specializes in Austin Gipsy parts is Gipsy spares in the Netherlands.

Gipsy engine parts

The list below shows the engine parts that I have found to be interchangeable with the Gipsy2.2L petrol engine and the Healey 100-4 206 Petrol engine. As you may already know, the Austin Gipsy 2.2 petrol engine is similar to the Austin Healey 100-4 engine. I have listed the engine parts and their respective original BMC part number. These are parts that I have used myself and found them to work


Part description Gipsy part number Healey part number  
Cylinder head gasket / Not interchangable click here for photos
of Healey 100-4 gasket and original Gipsy head gasket.
11B321 1B1708 (Water jacket holes don’t line up)  
Cylinder head 58G413 1B2290  
Valve guides  INTAKE / EXHAUST 1B1807 / 1B1808 1B1807 / 1B1808  
Valves  INTAKE / EXHAUST / Intake not interchangeable 1B1805 / 1B1806 1B1820 / 1B1806  
Valve seals / Best to use Ford small block positive seals SAME    
Valve springs / Not interchangeable 1B2814 6K 87  
Rocker shaft 1B1382 1B1382  
Rocker with bush 11B510 1D1794  
Rocker bush 11B511 1B1490  
Push rods 1B2331 1B2331  
Tappet 1B1354 1B1354  
Camshaft 1B1573 1B1573  
Camshaft sprocket B3 65 B3 65  
Crankshaft 11B345 11B345  
Crankshaft gear 11B231 11B231  
Timing chain 2H4286 2H4286  
Main bearings  (standard oversize as needed) 8G 2058 8G2058  
Thrust washer UPPER / LOWER (standard size) 1D943 / 1D1056 1D943 / 1D1056  
Rod (big end) bearings (standard) 8G2051 8G2051  
Engine gaskets      
Bottom end gasket set
(Front crank seal is thicker on the Healey but is same ID/OD
and can be sliced to fit the thickness.)
Same as Healey Same  
Core plug / Frost plug set Same as Healey Same

This video shows my installation of a Weber 34ich carb on my Gipsy. It really improved the fuel economy and low end torque. I have always rebuilt my original Zenith carbs but could never get the accelerator pump to work well as the piston is usually worn too much.

Looking for the rubber seal that goes around the glass in your WINDSCREEN FRAME? I searched every source on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and then all over the internet trying to find something that would fit properly. The only source that I found is SCOTTS OLD AUTO RUBBER in AUSTRALIA here is the link to the page  it is part number 218.011. It fits perfectly and is almost identical to the original rubber. Their main page is at You need approx 2.2 meters per glass section.


The following part numbers are what I have found for my Series 2 swb flexitor Gipsy

DESCRIPTION                    MANUFACTURER            PART #

Master cylinder kit                Girling                              SP1967
Clutch cylinder kit                 Girling                             SP1963

Clutch slave cyl kit               Girling                               SP2017
Wheel cylinder kit                Girling                               SP 2018/1      

Here are the Zenith part numbers for older style Zenith carbs with the diaphragm on top. The best source I have found for carb kits is Burlen carbs / GP10 Gasket pack / 016822 Insulating gasket / B17329 Diaphragm kit


Distributor cap      Prestolite         3-15L
Ignition points       Blue Streak    LU-1617XP
Condenser              Blue Streak    LU-206  

Oil filter       Fram  C-870PL or CH-820PL  

Flexitor suspension hub parts

Front outer hub seals             National                                 451948      dimensions: 2.062″ x 2.875″ x .437″
Front inner hub seals             CR                                         23440      dimensions: 60mm x 80mm x8mm
Rear inner and outer seals are the same as front on flexitor suspension

Front inner and outer
wheel bearings                    BCA / Timken                          BR5 or A5 or Set5
Rear inner and outer bearings are the same as front on flexitor suspension  

Flexitor Differential side bearing seals    CR  12458
 Pinion seal all models                            CR   15230

Axle Universal joints   Flexitor models          Precision                      369
 Prop Shaft Universal joints    all models        Moog                           344

Main Gearbox all models

First motion shaft bearing    NSK                                      6309NR or NACHI 6309NR / 190916

First motion shaft seal           National                                 473211

Trans output                        CR 16072



Front axle


Inner wheel bearing seal

SKF 26153


Inner axle seal

SKF 13649


Inner spindle bearing

SKF B-2012


Inner/outer wheel bearings

Timken 18620

 Swivel housing seals  These are metric order by dimension  ID 150mm x OD 180mm x W 8.5 mm
  SKFSEAL 150X180X8.5 HMSA72P2R

Rear axle


Rear wheel bearing seal

National 225530

Or Metric dimension 55x72x8

Rear double roller wheel bearing

 4209 Double Row Open Ball Bearing

 45mm x 85mm x 23mm

Differential pinion seal

National 473440

Or CR 12458


Transmission output seal all models

Skf 16084


Transmission input seal all models

 National 473211  

Transmission input bearing all models

NACHI 6309NR / 190916

 Front and rear leaf spring bushings  Same as series land rover   Britpart 548205